Frank McPelor


An angry, self-righteous, unpredictable, and generally crazy.


In a small human agricultural settlement in the middle of nowhere lived a dwarf named Frank. Like every farmer in Correal Dor, he worshiped Pelor every day. But unlike other members of the settlement, he didn’t want to be a farmer, he wanted to a monk devoted to Pelor. After a few months of warship, he realized something—all of these monks are WEENIES and do not truly embrace the TRUE spirit of Pelor. He therefore proclaimed himself the true champion of Pelor. None of the other monks particularly cared, until he claimed he had a vision from Pelor himself saying “You know, dude, I don’t really need a champion, but whatever… Knock yourself out.” He was declared a heretic and left town. He now wanders Correal Dor, spreading the word of his deity, on a never ending crusade against those who do not embrace the word of the almighty Pelor.

Frank McPelor

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